Mise En Place

French /miz ɑ̃ plas/

(noun) The practice of arranging, organising and being perfectly prepared

Our Story

Mise En Place Talent is the culmination of years of HR, recruitment, and operations experience in leading hospitality organisations around the world spanning New York, Miami, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Singapore.

Our on-the-ground experience working hand-in-hand with restaurateurs, culinary, service, and home office teams lends us invaluable insights that translate to creative strategies and solutions with concrete results.

Having planned, opened, and recruited for over 100 venues across North America and Asia, garnering Michelin Stars, James Beard Awards, and rankings on Top 50 Lists, our Founder Venus excels at finding and attracting exceptional talent, building teams for long-term success, and providing dedicated Human Resources services and solutions that are practical and make sense to hospitality organisations.

At Mise en Place, we bring our passion for hospitality, eye for talent, and extensive industry knowledge and relationships to partners who are serious about being world-class organisations.


Our Services

We offer a suite of services and solutions
that are tailored to each partner and candidate's unique needs and goals, including:

Stay competitive in this war for talent. We identify and employ the most effective methods to attract top talent that is compatible with your organisation. Whether you are a beloved neigbourhood restaurant or an international multi-concept group, there is someone out there who is perfect for you.

Organisational Culture

We evaluate your existing organisational culture, identify any gaps, and make recommendations for improvement. This can include designing orientation and onboarding programs, team engagement strategies, internal communication plans, and much more.

People Management

Just hiring the right people isn't enough; how leaders empower and orchestrate teams greatly impact the organisation's overall performance. We will advise you on the principles underlying people management and design a work environment that leads to success for the individual employees as well as the organisation as a whole.

Career Consultation

What is next for your career? We will make your search easier and recommend concrete steps to achieve your career goals. Besides matching you to exceptional, best-in-class employers and showcasing your talents and potential, we will help you gain career confidence, insight, encouragement and inspiration.

If you crave something you don’t see on the menu, just ask!

Our Guiding Principles

Embrace the Unconventional.

Hospitality is unconventional… it’s what we love about it. Whatever HR or recruitment assistance you need, however unusual or niche, count us in. We will identify out-of-the-box solutions to elevate your organisation and distinguish you from the crowd.

Never Settle.

We love finding that unicorn you didn’t know existed and offering solutions that are uniquely tailored to your organisation’s needs and goals. After all, every organisation has its own DNA and you shouldn’t have to settle for a cookie-cutter approach.

Not Your Typical HR.

In the words of Danny Meyer: “If you’re trying to provide engaging hospitality… there must be a certain amount of fun and a sense of humour involved…

While we’re serious about getting things done, we also believe in maintaining the joy of hospitality in everything we do. We are not the transactional HR of the past; we are energetic, dynamic hospitality folks who get what you do, and will always aim to deliver a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Always Transparent.

We are committed to honesty and transparency for both partners and talent alike. We vow to never leave anyone hanging or in the dark. You will have full view into our work and progress, and have confidence that we are dedicated to your success and best interests.

Where Our Partners Are

What People Say

  • Joshua
    "Venus is someone who entered my life and unexpectedly altered the trajectory. Her recruitment approach was contemplative and thoughtful, tailored to my ethos, inclination and circumstance. As a constant and positive presence throughout the process, I appreciated that every query was responded to expeditiously and each, "next step!," was conveyed succinctly. She has paired me with a burgeoning restaurant group that, much like Venus herself, is progressive and forward thinking. She is the gold standard of recruitment."
    Executive Chef matched to a leading hospitality group in Asia with over 30 venues
  • Mirko
    "Venus is one of the best talent scouts out there. She is extremely meticulous and has great practical insights and knowledge about the F&B industry. It was important to me to meet someone that understands my point of view, my background, and my values, and Venus went the extra mile! I felt connected to her emotionally and I was able to open myself up and speak freely. The result? I found the perfect habitat for my new concept and I’m so excited. Venus is highly passionate and drives recruitment engagements with all her heart. I’ll be forever grateful."
    matched to a chef partnership with the leading hospitality group in Singapore
  • Annie
    "I am very grateful for Venus’s help throughout the entire recruitment and interview process. She is efficient and fast, and she continuously kept me updated and well informed. Venus truly understood me and what I was looking for. She also recognised that it wasn’t just the compensation that mattered, but also the company culture and team dynamic. I am very excited to start my new journey!"
    matched to a regional marketing role in an international lifestyle & f&b brand with over 200 venues
  • Lyndsay Bryes
    “Venus changed how I viewed the role and value of Human Resources - she put the "human" back into the function for me, as she positions herself to be dealing with people, not paper. I look forward to the day when I might get the chance to work with Venus again and cannot recommend her more highly as a HR professional.”
    Lyndsay Bryes
    Senior Manager - Customer Success APAC & Europe, SevenRooms
  • Meghan Sherrill
    “Venus took the time to truly listen to our needs and was invested in understanding the nuances of our brand and team dynamics to deliver the best candidate. She cast a wide net, looking in different industries and disciplines, to ensure she left no rock unturned, yet used a discerning filter when presenting recommended candidates. Her professionalism, dedication and communication were bar none, and would highly recommend her services.”
    Meghan Sherrill
    Head of Marketing, Shake Shack Asia

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